Learn to Row FAQs

1) Where are the practices located?

All practices will take place at the East Arm Alex Emodi Boathouse located at 69 Sterling Road, Greenwood Lake, NY during your designated weekly practice day and time.

2) Do I need to know how to row?

No, this program is designed for the person who has never touched an oar. We will go over everything from how to get the boat into the water to basic rowing techniques.

3) Do I need to buy equipment?

Other than your fitted athletic clothing and a bottle of water to carry in the boat, you will not have to purchase anything else. East Arm Rowing Club provides all the equipment you will need.

4) What if I have to miss a practice?

While we encourage you to plan to attend all of your practices, if there is a day you know you can not attend, there will be a substitute list available at the boathouse. It will be your responsibility to arrange a substitute for that day, your coach will not arrange this. Please let your coach know the day you will be missing as well as the name of your substitute for that day. It is very important there is a substitute rower to ensure your teammates can go out on the water that day for practice.

The substitute list is comprised of other current Learn To Row participants. All current participants are welcome to add their names to this list if they are willing and available to sub.

5) Are there any makeup practices if I have to miss one?

Since you are practicing as a team, if you miss one of the practices, unfortunately, there are no make up lessons.

6) Do I need a team?

If you have a group of 4 or 8 people that would like to row in the same boat, please complete the registration form listing all the rowers names and include a check for all rowers. If you do not have a group, we will do our best to place you in a boat with other rowers in your same situation.


7) What should I wear?

It’s best to wear clothing that allows freedom of movement but is not baggy.  Rowers need to wear snug clothing that will not get caught in the equipment, such as the wheels under the seat. We row in all kinds of weather, we have to adapt to weather conditions. If the weather turns cold, you should dress in form fitting layers. Please wear something sturdy on your feet. We are sock-footed while in the boats, so if you can wear something that slides on and off, it tends to save some time. It is also suggested that you bring a change of clothes as rowing is a water sport and you may get wet.


8) Where do I park?

Parking is only allowed in the boathouse parking lot, and across the street from the club only if you are not in the road or blocking a driveway. Parking is NO LONGER allowed on the right side of the driveway (Sullivan Lane) across from the club, or in any space associated with the marinas or beaches along the road. If you are unsure PLEASE ask a club member what is acceptable.

9) What happens after the Learn to Row Program?

After completing our Learn to Row program, East Arm Rowing Club plans on offering a Learn to Row 2 program, for an additional cost, to refine your skills and get you more experience on the water. Please be on the lookout for more information on this program. You are also encouraged to become a member of the boat club! For more information please contact us!

10) What if I have other questions?

You can email East Arm Rowing Club at info@eastarm.org or contact us by telephone at 845-477-3076.